Training completed but not showing in my training

Hi. When I run a report I can see and download all my training completions in the last 5 years or so. After an update in Myscouting it does no longer show them as completed and is recommending to take all this courses again for the positions I am in the troop and pack roster. I can see that the course codes changed. Can that be the reason? Is there a way to reconcile this? By the way, although I am recomended to do all this trainings I show as trained leader. My ID is 126129268

This is, unfortunately, expected behavior. Whenever the BSA changes the training codes, leaders who were fully-trained in their existing positions before will show up with the new training modules as needing completion. As you noted, these leaders still show up as position-trained, based on their pre-existing completion of all position-specific training. It is my understanding (although I haven’t seen it reduced to writing anywhere) that leaders who take on a new position after the training requirements changed must take all of the new training courses for the new postiion, even if they had completed the full training spectrum for that position before the training requirements changed. For example, a DL who was fully position-trained as both a DL and a CM under the old requirements (but registered as a DL only) must then re-complete the CM training spectrum under the new requirements when changing their registration from a DL to a CM. That same DL would not need to take all of the new DL training courses if they remained a DL, as I understand it.

Contrast that with the situation for leaders who were not fully complete on their position-specific training prior to the course changes. Those leaders need to retake the entire training spectrum for that position order to become fully-trained in their positions (excepting, I believe, any in-person courses which they had previously completed such as IOLS for SM/ASM).

Thanks! Not what I wanted to hear but at least explains what I am seeing. The system should alert individuals of this situation and, if re-training is required (that I don’t oppose at all), it should give the scouter a transition period to achieve it. That is better than a surprise. I did these a while ago, I don’t mind going over them again. I can’t imagine what it is for someone that did those recently. Well, thank you again!

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Do you see the Trained patch for your registered position(s).