If MB Counselor Sets Listing Preference To Unit, Do They Appear On Searches By Other Units

I only have access to the Scoutbook demo environment. I am trying to learn more about MB counselor searches so I can provide better support to volunteers. I know a MB counselor can set a Listing Preference. Assume the counselor’s name is Christopher Watkins and they set their Listing Preference to be a Counselor for Troop 757 B. In the demo environment, if I log in as a Scoutmaster of Troop 442 B and search for MB counselors, Christopher Watkins appears on the list. Does this happen outside of the demo environment? Does a counselor who sets their listing preference for a specific unit still appear in searches made by other units?

@markhays - the demo site is supposed to exhibit the same behavior as the scoutbook production site. The fact that all of those listed in your screenshot are of the same council makes sense. You could also compare that with the list from my.scouting.org

Thanks. In that case, is it accurate to say to a MBC in my council that setting a specific unit level preference does not prevent them from being found by all other units in our council; and, instead, it simply shows those other units that you’d like to only counsel certain units? The MBC is to hope those other units respect their wishes and don’t contact them?


We will need to test this but listing preference of unit is supposed to only show to leaders registered in that unit.


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