I'm having a problem connecting a mom to one of her sons, even though she's successfully connected to another

I have a mom successfully connected to one scout in our pack, but not the second one. I have her name, city, state, BSA ID, email address and everything, but every time I try to connect her to her second son I get the “no record found” error. How can I get help with this?


Since she is already connected to one Scout in your pack, go to your pack roster, select Connection Manager then click on the intersection between the parent and her other Scout. Select any connection type. Next go to the Scout’s Connection page, click on the parent and set the Parent/Guardian check box.

I also recommend asking your Council to add her as a parent under the Scout’s relationship tab in Registrar Tools. You will need to provide the BSA Member IDs of both the parent and Scout.

OK that worked! Thank you.

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