Unable to add parent connections for sibling

We have two new scouts who joined who are siblings (BSA 140160100 and 140161136). Both parents show up as connections for the first scout, but when I try to add them to the second scout I am unable to find them using the search feature (Which seems to be still broken and has been for a long time). No matter what I try with the search it still just comes up with the “no records found” message.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Parent search is broken - Try going to Roster > Connection manager > make connection there > then go to Scout and click connections > find parents name and click it > then click the Parent checkbox.

Or parents can make connection themself from their own connections page


In addition to Donovan’s suggestions, you can ask your Council to add the parent to the Scout’s relationship tab. After about 24 hours this will sync the parent/guardian connection to Scoutbook. The advantage of doing this is the Council now has the Parent relationship in their records.

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