Image rotated when uploaded

Has anyone noticed that every image that is correctly oriented gets rotated 90 degrees when it’s uploaded to the notes?? Is there a way to keep this from happening? It makes it hard to read for the leaders when they are approving requirements. (Screenshot taken from my son’s scoutbook.)

When I upload a photo from my MacBook, Scoutbook uses the same orientation as the icon in my finder window. I have a photo that opens in Preview on my MacBook with the correct orientation but the icon is the wrong orientation. I suspect Scoutbook is using the same embedded information in the file that my MacBook is using.

The test file I uploaded that had the correct icon orientation, uploaded to Scoutbook with the correct orientation.

I see the problem mostly when scouts are uploading from their phones.

I was able to reproduce the issue on our test system. A portrait photo on my iPhone was displayed in landscape (rotated) after I uploaded it to Scoutbook. The landscape photo I uploaded displayed correctly.

I’ll report this to the developers.

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Thank you!! Very much appreciated!

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