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Import Adults into Pack

Adult Import - according to this link (archived)

We are able to import adults into our troop. When I go to the import page, only Advancements and Logs are able to be imported. And what is ironic is the import page points back to the link above. I need to import Adults from another program (TroopTrack). Can this be done? Or what is the process so they can monitor their Scout’s progress (could not find this in the forums).

Scoutbook no longer supports importing anything except advancement and logs. You can use the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox to import a list of adults.

Then whom do we contact at BSA to fix the link on the page. Very confusing and bad form (as a web developer).

This was the correct place to post it. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. I have asked another SUAC member to follow up with the correct people to have this fixed.

Thank you all for this chain. I wonder, however, when that message is going to be fixed - it has been 13 days since jebwhs87 posted this initial question, and I can’t believe he is the first one to discover this. I went around in circles for a long time with this several months ago before just giving up.

I just decided to give it a try again today, because we really need to get our data imported in from Troopmaster and I saw this chain that lead me to the Firefox Add-on. So now I am running down that angle. Thanks for the response, but please update the links and the help messages.

Same with the Training Scoutnet link. That doesn’t’ work so why is it still there? About 1/3 of the new courses are not in ScoutBook. Simple things like this that are quick (low hanging fruit) should be resolved quickly. What is also frustrating is that we have no way of “looking” into what is on the to do list. I work with Atlassian software and they provide a very good ticket bank for end users to see enter items and see status. Very frustrating.

I am in the same boat. Currently considering switching from scouttrack, but if I cannot do this simple thing. It is not worth my time. I need to add all parents to their scouts.

Any updates?

The volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox has a feature to import a csv file containing parents for connection to their Scouts.

Keep in mind, that many adults already have Scoutbook accounts (if they have taken YPT, for example). They just need to be connected to their Scout(s) in Scoutbook.

Jennifer, how does creating a account to access training create a Scoutbook account?

Because they already exist as part of the SSO login.

But they don’t exist in Scoutbook. The Scoutbook account must be created and SSO enabled.

All I’m saying is that many adults already have Scoutbook accounts. Units should search for them first, before creating new accounts in Scoutbook. This is where a lot of the duplicate account issues come from.

@JenniferOlinger can you clarify a point for me (or anyone else from SUAC)? If as of today, I invite a parent to connect to a Scout via the link in ScoutBook, does this create a My.Scouting account as well as a ScoutBook account (since we are post SSO integration)? This question assumes the parent is fresh and new and not registering (no YPT, never registered).

Likewise, if I get a parent to create a My.Scouting account (again, fresh, never taken YPT or registered), does this mean they automatically have a ScoutBook account?

Just trying to figure the best way to simplify inviting parents and creating the fewest number of logins (and the way it is intended to work best for flow).


No, creating a parent account in ScoutBook does not create a my.scouting account. A parent creating a my.scouting account doesn’t create a ScoutBook account.