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Importing files into scoutbook. What is the process?

Working to startup our pack with scoutbook. I have some questions on the import instructions. The instructions state to import the adult file along with scout file. However, the only place to upload multiple files is the ‘Roster Import’ screen which states to only upload log and advancement files. Since the instructions state to upload the files at the same time, do I load the scout and adult file in the roster import screen with the advancement/log files or do I load them separately on the separate import adult csv screen? And what is import registration csv? It looks like the import process has changed and the instructions are outdated. Appreciate any help. I would prefer to do this correctly the first time. Thanks!

They have indeed changed since all scouts and adult leaders are now automatically in Scoutbook. Could you provide the link you are using so we can get it updated?

Here’s the best source for current info:

Here is the information link:

Here is the instructional video as well:

This information is different from the options I have (see screen shot)

So, help me understand how I proceed here.


That FAQ is out of date. We have asked that it be corrected or removed.

To clarify, I want to get the parents data imported (I have about 90+) so really dont want to input individually!


You can use the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox to import parent data. Other than the Feature Assistant Extension, the only way to get parents loaded into Scoutbook is individually.

Thanks for the feedback and help in understanding this. I would venture to guess, I will need to manually link the parents to the scouts, correct? Thanks again for the help.

The Feature Assistant Extension connects the parents to the Scouts, otherwise, you have to manually connect them.

Thanks for the assistance here.

Is there a template or additional information to assist with this upload? I used the template that is on the old import instructions but it does not work. I tried trimming the columns to only the required fields on the primary leader page, and get the same error message.


After you install the extension, click the icon image then click Go to Help Documents. The format is in the help.

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Excellent! Thank you, sir!

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