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Import data to scoutbook

I see that a user had created an import mwthid to import parent data to scoutbook so there obviously mist be a way… Se jave used scoutmaster for many years and would lime to bring all data over to scoutbook…

What database is used? Mysql? What is the field layout? I can create a csv file in the proper layout would the powers in charge import that or let me write an interface to transfer tje data?

There is a good chance that at least one parent for each Scout is already in the BSA’s database and just needs to be connected to their Scout(s) in Scoutbook.

  1. Go to your Troop Roster page in Scoutbook.
  2. Click on the name of a Scout
  3. Scroll down and click on Scout’s Connections
  4. Click on the red +Add button.
  5. Use the Search For Existing User box and search by e-mail address or name
  6. Check the Parent/Guardian box and Adult Leader (if applicable)
  7. Fill out the personal message
  8. Invite

Repeat for additional parents and Scouts.

Ok…but what about historical data and scout specific rank and other data?

Historical data meaning for scouts who are no longer with the unit? That information isn’t available, in general. Only for scouts who are currently with the unit.

It kinda depends on what data you’re talking about. Rank and awards should all be reflected based on the data that’s been submitted to council advancement, at least as far as rank and (most) national awards go. What other data are you talking about? If it’s stuff like activity logs (camping, hiking, service), there’s not currently an import process for that.

Our unit is in the process of changing councils… so, that is part of what lead to this inquiry. We were hoping to keep all records in one software instead of having to have access to the other program as well.

Can an import proces be written? I have written software that accesses and imports data into Mysql and other databases and could provide the data as a csv file.

In the past, I believe that SUAC has reported that BSA doesn’t intend to create public APIs for writing to the advancement database directly. In principle, the existing advancement DB record should be transferred from Council 1 to Council 2 when the scout is transferred. For that to work, the existing BSA ID needs to be on the transfer applications.

I’m not as sure how things work when an entire unit changed councils. Is this part of a council merger?

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