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Thank you for your work on this great extension. I used the “Import Merit Badge Advancements” feature to import a CSV and enabled the “Leader Approve” option prior to importing. All of the records were imported, but the import did not mark the completed merit badges as approved. It did mark the individual requirements approved. I just wanted to report the issue here, in case it is unintentional. Manually approving the completed badges is easy enough, but it would be great if the import could do that too.


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What’s your role in the unit? Do you have (at least) “Approve Advancement” privileges with all of the scouts whose requirements were imported?

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I am the unit Advancement Chair. Please note that I just edited my post, as I see now that it does mark the individual requirements as approved, just not the completed badges.

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If I recall that is working as designed so units had control when when things needed to get to purchase order - @GaryFeutz ?

The option in the import for Merit Badge Req’s will import only the requirement data from the CSV file. It uses data from the file to enter those requirements on the Quick Entry screens, hidden from view. When using Quick Entry - it is designed not to approve the entire merit badge even if all requirements are completed (that is a native Scoutbook design).

The option in the import for Complete Merit Badges will import the data from the file indicating the badge itself has been completed. These are separate data lines in the file than the requirements.

When both are selected, it first imports the requirements, then imports the completed badge data.

Just because all the requirements were entered by the camp - doesn’t mean the camp entered completions! So it is possible that only requirements are imported because that is all that is in the file.

Hi Gary, thank you for explaining and I think I follow you. The CSV only contains lines for “Merit Badge Requirement” for the Advancement Type, even though the report from Tentaroo says complete for badges. I will contact Tentaroo to see if they are willing to adjust their CSV export file at some point.

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