Import Rank Advancement from camp (Black Pug)?

I found the tool to import the MB completions from the black pug CSV file we got from camp. This CSV file also includes rank requirements (tenderfoot thru 1st class) that scouts completed in the camp’s pathfinder program. Do these also get imported with the MB import tool? If not, is there another import to get this data transferred over?

Rank requirements are not imported. I recommend using Quick Entry to enter these. For simplicity, I just use the last “advancement” day of camp as the completion date when entering rank requirements from camp.

Why did this functionality go away? It worked last summer :frowning:

For rank advancement? Are you sure?

Pretty confident. I don’t recall manually recording rank advancement for my 6 new scouts following camp last summer.
Is there no import available any longer beyond MBs? Not from TroopWebHost or elsewhere?

That could be the confusion. If (not a user) troopwebhodt has a black pug advancement import, a trooper host export to Scoutbook would have done it.

The extension never imported rank requirements

I guess I’m mistaken. Bummer…would sure be handy if Scoutbook imported everything that BlackPug generated. Took another 7 new Scouts to camp this summer and manually entering their advancement, even with the Quick Entry feature, it awfully time-consuming.

the main issue as I understand it is the third parties matching how it needs to be - in DB if it does not match and is not exact it does not work

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