Importing Black Pug Data for Summer Camp - how to exclude rank reqs.?

I am getting ready to import a CSV file from summer camp, but I only want to import the merit badges, not the rank advancements. I see I can toggle Merit Badge Reqs., Completed Merit Badges, and Leader Approved, but I don’t not see a way to toggle off rank requirements. I don’t want to blanket sign off on all rank requirements for the first class trail scouts without checking in with them that they learned the skills etc…

Is there a way to do this without deleting all of those reqs. from the CSV file?

The extension will simply ignore any rank or award data in the CSV file. It currently only pays attention to the Merit badge records. So no need to edit the file :smiley:

Brilliant! Thank you!

@AngelaKoch - are you working on the tentaroo export. I did a preliminary export with the completed reqs excel and found that it retains data that has to be scrubbed before any progress on import.

No, I don’t know what a tentaroo is.

My Troop just came home from summer camp and I am hoping to import the Scoutbook CSV report into Scoutbook.

Black Plug and Tentaroo are two different companies with different products. I was also previously confused.

May I suggest posting Tentaroo inport related issues to Tenaroo inport topic.

You can search for Blackpug related discussion topics for previous solutions.

Ah, Thanks! I am talking about a Black Pug Software CSV report.

@AngelaKoch - my apologies as I seemed to have lost track of import items…i will take this old scout and move along…

Dang…found the original post…I really do not like getting old :frowning:

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