Import to Internet Advancement 2.0 failed

Even though the BSA ID for two of my scouts is correct in the TM 2.0 (IA 2.0 version upload file), IA 2.0 complains that it can’t find the scouts. Is it matching on more than the BSA ID? If so, why?



Please read through the article and troubleshooting here: Upload File & Print Report for Scout Shop in Internet Advancement (IA) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Thanks, the article does say the names and BSA IDs need to match and my two records had a name mismatch so we’re fixing those records for the next time.



OK this is being tested - when a bad BSA # is entered you will get this error on Upload and your file will totally fail


If your file has a bad name or something else you can see it by opening it after it is Processed

Download the LOG FILE to see the error

We are changing it to NOT say “PROCESSED” when there is an error - not sure what it will say but it will be clearer

If the names don’t match then an error message saying “names do not match”, invalid memberID is an ok error message for that case.


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