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One scout does not import into Internet Advancement

We have a scout with two words for his last name. He is entered correctly in our Troopmaster, but at council’s end, his last name was always one word. The automatic import would never work for him because of this, so I just manually entered his ranks and merit badges on Internet Advancement 1.0.

Now we have Internet Advancement 2.0. I still cannot get the automatic import from Troopmaster to work for him - and I do not see any way for me to manually enter data for him. I asked Council to edit his last name to be two words. They did - and now within IA his name appears correctly. BUT I am still unable to import his data.

The error log shows this:
1234567890:First Last1 Last2 Scout user cannot be found
with the number being his BSA ID# (which is correct, I checked) and then his name.

I have emailed Scoutbook Support on this numerous times and get zero reply. Any suggestions? Thank you.

For import issues, you should contact your vender and they can work with the BSA to resolve this.

I did contact Troopmaster. They didn’t know why IA was having problems. The import for everyone else works fine. It’s just this one scout that doesn’t import.


They should be working directly with the BSA on this.

@AliceLuciano - just for data integrity what does the scout record at my.scouting show for the last name.

How the scout is in Member Manager is correct (even if it is wrong) National cannot get spaces in names (I don’t believe) - so just change Troopmaster to match member manager and you are good to go with imports

Hi everyone. I’m using a fake name to make this easier to read.

  • Troopmaster says John Del Rio
  • Internet Advancement says John Del Rio
  • Member Manager says John Anthony Del Rio (and ALL of my scouts are listed with a middle name in there)

The original error log in IA (before council fixed his name) said:
1234567890:John DelRio Scout user cannot be found

  • So I obviously thought it was the last name causing the problem

And then after they fixed his last name name, it now says:
1234567890:John Del Rio Scout user cannot be found

I can try changing his name in Troopmaster (and therefore our website) to a combined last name to see if that fixes it. I just didn’t want that to cause a problem with our Accounting software.

With that pattern of errors - my first guess is BSA # is wrong. Do you see this right when you try to upload the file?

I have checked the BSA # everywhere I know to look (troopmaster, IA, member manager) - and they all show the same number.

As for when it appears, after I do an upload in IA, it takes a little while to complete. I then go to the Activity tab. It shows the report with 107/110 records processed, and then 107 records imported, 3 records skipped (2 of these 3 are related to this one scout). I can download the error log and that is where I am getting the error I pasted above.

OK that is a good clue

@AliceLuciano I am going to Direct message you to get more data for developers - you will see it in top Right