Error Uploading from Troopmaster to IA

I am trying to upload a " [Download Internet Advancement 2.0 Export File]" to IA for a Court of Honor. IA is posting an error that says “Invalid Member ID” for three scouts. These three scouts are recent transfers from another unit inside my council. I have checked and they are listed with the correct/same BSA IDs on our troops my.scouting roster, scoutbook and troopmaster. Any idea why I’m getting this error? or how to fix it? The IA system will not allow the upload to move forward for any scouts in the troop.

@AndreaCarroll first make sure there are no spaces in MIDs - before or after

Post the BSA # (no name) and we can also look at it

Just doubled checked, they are not in my.scouting, but are listed in IA and scoutbook.


They have to be registered in You could use Scoutbook Roster > in-council Transfer to pull them in and register them

Thanks, ill try that.