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Importing Advancement to Scoutbook (Exporting from Tentaroo)

I wish my council had done that this year. They had parents register scouts individually for several weeks of virtual camp, and didn’t open this data up to visibility by the troops. We had to chase parents down to get the file so we could avoid manual entry.

Gary, Is there anyway to get a list of all the “Advancement” field options? or is that what was already in the advancements.csv file. Having that data table set would help someone code this. Thanks again.

@GoodloeWhite - all you need to do is run the advancement export from the unit page in scoutbook and that will give you the fields.


Some of the advancement types are:

Merit Badge
Merit Badge Requirement
Award Requirement
Adventure Requirement

These types are still supported, but part of the old Cub Scout program:

Achievement Requirement
Elective Requirement
Academics & Sports Belt Loop
Academics & Sports Pin
Academics & Sports Belt Loop Requirement
Academics & Sports Pin Requirement
Webelos Activity Badge
Webelos Activity Badge Requirement

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