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The ability to import Tentaroo information is vital. It is impossible to get a Council to change software providers. We need to import Summer Camp Merit Badge information similar to the support provided to Black Pug.

I use Troopmaster for all Troop management because it has better support, reports and it is easier to enter information. I only use Scoutbook for advancement reporting and this lack of import support is indicative of the lack of support. There are many posts in the legacy forum requesting the same integration from over a year ago.

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Legacy forum threads

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The Black Pug import is part of the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook, which was created and supported by a volunteer.

@MichaelSandell - the primary issue with tentaroo is making its data consistent with fields in scoutbook.

That does not help those of us who rely on Tentaroo vice Black Pug.

Since you only use ScoutBook for advancement reporting, I wonder if IA2.0 would be the better option. Then the question is, would Tentaroo developers reach out and work with National to create the proper export file to import into IA2.0. I suspect that’s the better route IF Tentatoo developers are willing…

ETA: please realize that ScoutBook and IA2.0 are mutually exclusive, use one, but not the other once you choose.

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The volunteer who wrote the Black Pug import is from a council that uses Black Pug. If you feel strongly about this, I suggest contacting Tentaroo and asking them create to an export file that matches the Black Pug file.

The BSA does not have the resources to develop import routines for every vendor that creates a different tracking program.

If you don’t want to enter these manually, and tentaroo exports as a simple text file (like black pug), you could get a copy of the black out format and via some excel editing, and import your now modified tentaroo , as if it was a black pug file.

That, or enter it all by hand.

@ZacharyMcCarty, I agree with your 1st comment, but not your 2nd one. If @MichaelSandell is using Troopmaster, then using the TM export file into Internet Advancement seems simpler than importing a second file type into IA. Also, if BSA is not willing to create a method to import BackPug data files, I don’t see them working with Tentaroo either.

@MichaelSandell, if you were going to keep Troopmaster, I am not sure why you would also maintain Scoutbook as Internet Advancement will be easier for you to enter advancements and other awards going forward.

@KenTodd, correct. That does make more sense to take the Tentaroo file into TroopMaster and then upload to IA2.0 from there (and may be easier from a development/already developed standpoint).

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My apologies. I was confused.

Tentaroo Camp Management, an apparent subdivision of or alternative name for Tentaroo.com, Dunedin, FL, who sells the “Tentaroo Camp Management events registration module” with support for tracking completion merit badge requirements at camp and

Black Pug Software LLC, Columbus, OH, which sells a “Scouting Event” product

are two different companies.

Tentaroo.com and Black Pug Software are not affiliated with or endorsed by myself or the Boy Scouts of America.

I too am interested in a solution to Tentaroo to Scotubook transfer of information. We as a troop have chosen and converted to Scoutbook, and yet we have no control over what a particular council chooses for their summer camp merit badge tracking software. So with 42 Scouts attending this summer, it would be very beneficial to be able to somehow get an export from tentaroo and then, (even with some excel manipulation) be able to import it into Scoutbook. I’m sure that there are a great many other troops who could also benefit form this, but have not taken the time to express their concerns or desires to this forum. Need to keep this feature request alive and not lost in the way back.

@MartinVreeland - you may want to read what was posted by the person that worked with Black Pug on the import.

As Ed noted the file formats need to be addressed by tentaroo and not scoutbook.

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