Importing Data from Troop WebHost

Can I import Scout history from TroopWebhost? I’d love camping nights, service hours…

I’m trying to figure out from purely an Advancement standpoint how much we use SB.

@HeidiSnow In theory you can. From your unit roster page, click roster import. There are some instructions there and a link to instructions for creating the logs.csv file. I’m not sure how difficult it will be to get the Troop WebHost data into that format.

Thanks. I’ll poke around and see what I can do.

Did you ever get this figured out? I am trying tonight, and not having much luck.

I would suggest moving from troopwebhost to scoutbook completely. I’ve been using both and the fact of the matter is troopwebhost is not an official record. Scoutbook is. Scoutbook replaces paper records and allows so much easier tracking of service hours, advancement criteria, immediate blue cards through electronic communication. We went from a troop that uses troopwebhost and frankly if I knew that would require my son to have to track everything through paper records again I would never have chosen that troop.

While I agree scoutbooks is the official site, the features are not yet there for us. We wanted one stop shopping for everything and if that means we need to sync twice a year at COH then I am good with that. Troopwebhost is a great site and being updated with features and functions much faster than scoutbooks. We have used both and this is the best way for us to host our calendar, communicate, do sign ups, and bill. When Scoutbooks can do all that we will look again, but not before that.

It was painful this time after they changed it this year and there has been very little documentation that we could find, but we did figure it out. To sync from Troopwebhost you can do the following:

Login to troopwebhost as someone who has access to advancement reports.
Menu->Advancement->Recognize recent achievements->Export to Internet Advancement 2.0

Select your dates. Pick boys/girls if necessary. Click to download the SBL_advancement.txt file.

Login to as the scoutmaster or the big3.
Click roster
Click on import file at the top right.
Drop your SBL_advancement.txt file into the browser.

It will process some things right away, like if a scout ID number is wrong it will throw an error. You can either manually update the file, or fix troopwebhost and download the file again following the same steps above.

It will be batch processed to scoutbooks overnight and should show up the next day in scoutbooks. Be sure to check your error logs then to be sure everything synced up properly as we always had a few boys that failed to sync automatically even with the correct numbers.

Eagle cannot be synced to council so that will always error. This is normal as the council will update it for you. As long as names and scout IDs match the rest should work.

You can order the awards this way, but we went to the scoutshop to purchase the badges instead.

Best of luck. Scoutbooks is good, but Troopwebhost has been great.

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Where did you see it was an overnight import Andrew? I’m used the old import where it was real-time. I’m stuck… after importing a file it says “Pending” and I can’t do anything with it.

This should help.

Start at 5:10 if you need to sync the file from troopweb host. The instructions above work for getting the file to your PC from troopweb host.

The video says they are processed hourly. I waited less than an hour and checked the next day for the error report so I thought it was a batch but did not know the timeframe either.

If you want to manually update items that error out start at the beginning of the video.

Best of luck!

Great, thank you for the information, that’s very helpful.

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