Migrating from TroopWeb Host to Scoutbook

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Our Cubscout Pack is looking to migrate over from Troop WebHost (TWH) to Scoutbook. Does anyone have any resources, guides, advice on the steps needed to do this?

I am reviewing the videos in the help section, but I am hoping to get some insights on specific issues that you may experience when migrating from TWH to ScoutBook.


For a pack it should not be too bad @PhilipBalsley - if a key 3 logs into scoutbook.scouting.org with their my.scouting.org username and password they will see all the scouts there (just not all in dens). They should also see a decent number of parents already connected to their Scout. As long as you have been turning in advancements to Council all that should be in system as well

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Hi Donovan! Thank you! I believe our Committee Chair and myself already have a my.scouting.org. Do we automatically have a scoutbook.scouting.org account created already or do we have to go through a creation process for scoutbook as well?

Also do you see any challenges with running TWH and Scoutbook in parallel for the next few months? We have just renewed our TWH for the year, but want to start working on setting up scoutbook for the next year.

Every Leader you have should have a my.scouting.org account just to do YPT Training. The Key 3 are already admins in Scoutbook. If you have a my.scouting.org you have a SB Account

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Running 2 platforms also means twice the time for volunteers to enter stuff

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@PhilipBalsley - my best advice is to log into scoutbook.scouting.org and make sure to set up the dens and verify your all advancement data is there.

I agree with @Stephen_Hornak about verifying that all of the relevant advancement is currently reflected in the Scoutbook database. I also would add that, you won’t be able to actually verify that easily without assigning the scouts to their dens in Scoutbook, which as was pointed out is not automatic.

I can see some advantages to an “overlap” while getting familiar with the Scoutbook platform. At the same time, there’s potential for a lot of overlap, both in terms of duplicated work processes as @DonovanMcNeil noted, and potentially duplicate notices as events are added/moved to the Scoutbook calendars. I’d make sure your parents and leaders are informed that you’re transitioning and warned that it’s going to have some hiccups. The parents are often one of the best sources of feedback on (and people most impacted by) how things are going. So, actively engaging them on the front end can help with getting that feedback as helpful suggestions rather than upset emails. :^)

There are some very good how-to articles available for Scoutbook. I linked to several of them in a post here: Caution ⚠️ tags on everyone - #15 by CharleyHamilton

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