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Transferring information from another website

Is there some way to input scout’s camping, service, etc from another website? I can’t keep two up and since we have to use scoutbook now for advancement, we want to move everything over, but adding their camping night, service hours, miles, is taking hours for each scout. If I can get the other website to generate a report is there some way to import it?

Hi, @MargaretHawkins,

I’m not sure whether or not there is an efficient way to do an export/import cycle in a format Scoutbook could handle. In theory: yes. In practice, it might not actually be much more efficient depending on the number of scouts.

The Feature Assistant Extension provides a path to export (and I think import) logs to Scoutbook. It might be faster to manually input a few events for a couple of scouts, then export the results and use that as a template to create the (complete) input file for all of your scouts.

Could you provide the scouts with the information and direct them to input it themselves? That might be a reasonable solution if you’re at the troop/crew/ship level. Scouts could also input the data via their parents’ accounts if they aren’t already connected to their own accounts.

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