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Troop Roster export to Black Pug

I would like to see the ability to export our troop roster and import it to Black Pug. There is to much of a chance that a BSA ID or some other critical information is typed in wrong when entering manually and switching from site to site. Make our lives as volunteers easier by making all these systems work together or design one system that will work for our needs.

Black Pug is not a BSA-owned software tool, so it’s not entirely surprising that they don’t play nicely together. I suspect you are more likely to be able to prevail on the folks from Black Pug to create an import tool for Scoutbook-exported rosters than move the BSA to modify the Scoutbook export format to be compatible with Black Pug. This is similar to the situation with software like TroopMaster, for which the 3rd-party software is required to become consistent with the BSA’s standard for interfacing, rather than the other way around.

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In Scoutbook you can export to file a roster, and in Scoutingevent.com import that file.

Both Scoutbook and Scoutingevent have tutorials on their sites for this process.

Note: Scoutbook won’t export a unified adult and youth roster. You’ll need to download each and merge them before upload to Scoutingevent.

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Thank you for mentioning this Christopher. Scouting Event is the Black Pug software module used to register for events and activities, including summer camp and day camp. Black Pug doesn’t have direct access to Scoutbook, but using their export and our import will get the roster data accurately into your Black Pug account.

It would be nice if the BSA created a program like blackpug that uses the my.scouting login. Think about how nice it would be if summer camp merit badges automatically showed up in scoutbook and any events signed up for automatically show in the scoutbook activity list.

@scouter11 - it would be nice, but every council would need to be on-board. As it is there are three vendors that have council relationships - namely scoutingevent, doubleknot and tentaroo. They offer webhosting, event management and council internal management.

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Yeah you are right. I guess another idea would be to have these companies work with BSA to set their system up with the BSA systems but I do realize this would be difficult to accomplish on the tech side of things.

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