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Impossible requirements in Scoutbook

The longest term Cub Scout member today would have joined in 2015 after completing their Kindergarten year. So longest term Scout today realistically became a Tiger in May 2015.

The current program went live June 1, 2015

So at best this hypothetical Scout could have earned Tiger advancement and awards under the 2010 requirements and then switched programs on June 1. They are a Arrow of Light Scout now and they did every other rank under the 2015 requirements. A current Webelos Scout joined in 2016.

As a result, the site should only show 2010 requirements as an option for a Scout in an Arrow of Light Patrol and rest of the 2010 requirements should disappear. This program would drop June 1, 2020 for good.

It also should only show Tiger 2010 requirements and nothing for any older Scouts. Wolf through Arrow of Light 2010 requirements can go away for all.

Furthermore, the program was modified on Dec 1, 2016. For this modification the simplest answer would be only current Webelos and Arrow of Light Patrols should be able to see the 2015 requirements. Anyone assigned to a Bear Patrol or younger should only have the 2016 revisions show. The 2015 requirements for Tiger, Wolf and Bear could not have been earned by any current Scout and should go away.

Lions joining in 2019 never can earn the rank under the 2016 pilot rules but this shows as an option. The simplest here is the 2016 revision only shows to Scouts in Bear or Webelos Patrols and the 2018 revision shows for Scouts in Wolf or below today. Current Arrow of Light Scouts couldn’t have been in the pilot and should never see Lion as an option.

What about Scouts with disAbilities who get more than a year to complete each rank?

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@KevinCarlyle - those requirements are in there for historical purposes. This is not a bug.


There are 3 councils had the Lion pilot several years before the national pilot. My son, now in 8th grade, started Cub Scouts as a Lion.

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Those requirements aren’t in Scoutbook. Only the national pilot is.

Units in those 3 councils used the national pilot to record Lion for their Scouts retroactively.

Scoutbook does not remove old versions. If it did, records for Scouts that earned the award under the old program would disappear.

They’re not historic requirements in the system, they’re very active.

I can do sign off on the 2010 requirements that no longer exist. This should not be possible for a Scout who didn’t join until 2017

That is a function of Scoutbook architecure. We realize you can sign off today on an old version, however, there are no plans to change this. It is up to the use to make sure they are recording the proper version of the award.

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