New AOL requirements

Will the scouts that just earned the Webelo badge be able to grandfather into the prior AOL requirements? I am their den leader, and have already spent a considerable amount of time planning out their AOL year which we are starting this summer to be ready for the crossover at the Blue and Gold Banquet. I just now found out about the new requirements. We don’t have the time to do six separate adventures and two electives by next February. Hopefully Scouting takes this into consideration.

@CoryBernadt - it was stated that you have until 8/31/24 to complete the old requirements. The changes have been noted for months now.

Not in Scout book, which is the resource I use and have been on plenty recently planning things out. I don’t see how the new requirements allow for crossovers to happen at the Blue and Gold Banquets. We don’t have the time to change over to the new requirements.


I suggest that you look at the new requirements before stating that it can not be done

It sure is frustrating being a volunteer in this rigid organ. Glad it’s my last year…

@CoryBernadt - take a look at the requirements i posted above.

I’d suggest contacting your council. That’s the recommended path for program information. This forum is for tech issues only.

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Yes the new adventures are significantly simpler so more electives can be done. And there are all kinds of great electives - like Pinewood which you are probably already doing, to watercraft like canoes.

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There is no grandfathering into the old program. Scouts have until 8/31/24 to complete rank for the 2023-24 program year. Once they move up at the end of the 2023-24 school year, all Cub Scouts must use the new requirements.

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I just wish they’d update the AOL’s advancement properly. I’ve got Scouts already starting to knock out requirements for Summertime Fun and it’s not even listed on Scoutbook Plus

@ToddKnaperek yes it is - make sure the scouts are on the right version of AOL and in an AOL Den - if they are on the right version - flip them back to old one then back to new one to reset the screen

@ToddKnaperek - click in the box where it shows the 2022, there will be the 2024 listed… select that

After looking at the new required adventures, they are pretty disappointing for scouts that just earned their Webelo badge. The new First Aid is last year’s First Responder, and the new Personal Fitness is a combo of last year’s Cast Iron Chef and Stronger, Faster, Higher. Why take the scouts through redundant adventures that they already completed last year? That’s not exciting! I will just skip those and take my scouts through the old Scouting Adventure and learn the knots from the old adventures. The Scouting Adventure at least gets them teed up to complete their Scout badge soon after they crossover. Again very weird transition for scouts that just earned their Webelo badge and not very well thought out by BSA.


Per the Guide to Advancement, you are not authorized to change requirements. You must do the program as written, even if you disagree with it.

Repetition is not a bad thing. First Aid is something that must be done multiple times in Scouts BSA so having a good foundation from which to start is an advantage.

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Yes Talking to council is your best bet

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