Inactivate a Scout?

Apologies if this has been stated elsewhere but I have a Scout who has already expressed she will not be able to return. Do I need to inactivate her somehow in Scoutbook or will that happen automatically after re-charter? I do not want to delete her in case she ever is able to come back into Scouting. thanks

There are a couple of ways to handle it. If you’re submitting/submitted recharter soon and the scout’s family doesn’t mind waiting until the recharter roster hits, you should be able to do nothing (except make sure that all awards/ranks are Approved and Awarded), and the scout will drop from the roster in Scoutbook and my.scouting.

If the scout’s family is pushing to stop receiving emails, etc, you can end the scout’s membership with your unit by going into

My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Roster → Scout’s name → Scout’s memberships

and putting an end date on the membership(s) in your unit. I don’t recall whether or not you still have to break all of the leader connections if you manually end the membership.

Make sure that at least one parent has connected to their account so that the scout’s account can readily be relocated if, as you said, the plan changes and the scout returns to scouting.

One other thing you might consider, especially if you think the scout might return - create an “Inactive
Patrol” and move her into it. Sadly, I’m carrying four of those right now, and will until the current charter expires. This option will let you communicate with inactive scout families when needed, e.g., one last invite to come back, but can be used to minimize the sending of routine messages.

I pair the inactive patrol with unchecking the the position approved box from the current membership. That will ensure they won’t be available to select for messages or newly created events. (They don’t automatically get removed from existing events under this scenario or adding an end date).

Just be aware that Scouts with unapproved memberships will not be automatically removed at recharter time - they will need to have someone manually put an end date on the membership with the unit.

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