Inactive Den

How long do I need to keep an inactive den in Scoutbook? The scouts in that den have crossed over. Thank you!

If the den is empty, you don’t need to keep it.

A Pack Admin can disapprove it.

Thank you. The inactive den has scouts in it but they have since crossed over. Can I still disapprove it? We really don’t need it.

If the Scouts transferred to a troop, then they should have been automatically removed from the pack’s roster in Scoutbook.

If they are still on your roster, that suggests that they have not officially transferred their registrations.

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Thank you! If they just left Scouting and did not cross over, how do I get them removed from Scoutbook? Likewise, if they did cross over and are still in Scoutbook, how do I get them transferred?

For those who did not continue, simply put an end date on their current membership. They may occasionally come back if a change is made to their official membership record.

For those who did move to a troop, here are instructions: Transferring from Another Unit - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Another option for the ones who did not continue is to keep them in the inactive den, and then drop them at Recharter. They should be automatically removed from the pack’s roster in Scoutbook when the council posts your Recharter.

I think that their membership has to be marked as “approved” for that to happen, right? If so, it might be easier to end the memberships in Scoutbook.

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Yes, you would need to keep their membership in Scoutbook as approved.

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Thank you all for your help!

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