Incomplete Merit Badge report empty (different unit)

Trying to run Incomplete Merit Badge Reports for various Scouts in my unit - all come up empty. Any idea why? Council 388, Unit 4031B - UnitID=75003

What connection level do you have to the Scouts in the unit?

I have full control.

Looking at a few in the unit you do not have FC - that is most likely part of the issue

Sorry, I should have been clearer - I’m in full control of the one scout I’m running the report against. If the scout’s ID would help, happy to share…

so what is that BSA #?

SB User ID: 12091357
BSA Member ID: 137429757

@PatrickMannion is this what you are trying to use?

or this?

I think it might be because you do not have him in a patrol?

I had tried both. Patrol assignments were made at the meeting last night, I’ll try again once he’s moved in.

On a test in my unit - I noticed one out of patrol not show up - I have asked the developers - post the Full URL of the report that will help

Any progress on this?

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