Incomplete Merit Badge report empy

Ran the Incomplete Merit Badge report for T7B, it was finr
Tried to do same for linked Troop 7G…report empty.
cleared cache, rebooted, yes running Chrome, yes changed machines
Re run, still nothing.
Unit ID in SB is 202936
one member is Alexandra (Allie) MID 14831311

Really don’t want to try building a work around.

Marian McQuaid

What is your role in the girl troop? Has it worked before for you?

I am the committee chair, and I have seen it previously. Can’t remember how long it has been, thought. Strikes me strange that the Boy troop is ok, but the Girl Troop isn’t.

I requested a sync on your account. Try again tomorrow. If you are still having issues, give me a call


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