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Incorrect formatting when printing a scout's advancement web page

I log in to Scoutbook, select a scout in the dashboard, select ‘[Scout’s name ]Advancement’, then print the page…

The first page will have a header with the menu, back, home, my dashboard ions, the name of the scout, troop number etc. Below that, the first part of the web page is printed. At the top of the second page, same same header is printed - which obscures the beginning of the actual information on the second page. Same thing on the third page: header printed once again at the top - which covers up the top part of the information on that page. Makes those printouts unusuable due to the missing information. Tested with Chrome, Safari & Firefox. Can this please be fixed? Thx!


I’m not aware that Scoutbook was ever intended to be printed that way. What are you attempting to do with the information? There are a variety of reports that can be pulled to obtain advancement information in different formats.


Charley is correct. The Scout’s advancement page is not intended to be printed. If you want a printed record of the Scout’s advancement, please use the appropriate history report or for Scouts BSA only the Individual Advancement Record.


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