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Multiple Scouts Selected For Advancement History Report - Print Each Scout On Separate Pages

I would like to select multiple scouts for the Advancement History Report and have each scout selected print on it’s own page. Currently when I select multiple scouts they get consolidated on a single report. This was a report that was available on the old Internet Advancement system.

@JeffreyBrandon - are you talking about the advancement history report in scoutbook.scouting.org ? If you are looking for the history on each scout you may want to choose the Scouts BSA History report. The Advancement history report wants a date rand and is reflective of items as they hit the database.

The BSA History Report shows to much detail like each requirement for each rank. I am looking for the report format much like the Advancement History Report in Internet Advancement (SB). When prompted I can set the date to all ranges by clicking on the “X” in the date field option prompt. The Advancement History Report shows a single line item with date for each rank, merit badge, award, etc. I have over 50 scouts in our unit and to produce this report individually for each scout is very time consuming.

@JeffreyBrandon - I am trying to find a good reason why I would want to run that report. I do not know that I even have.

I guess the best bet is to help me understand what you are looking for as an end result.


It sounds like what you want is a report from Report Builder in Scoutbook. I do not know if there are plans to port the Report Builder reports to IA, however, you can use them today.

Click on the Scoutbook link in IA. Click on My Dashboard then Reports. Select Report Builder Manager. From here you can create many different reports, including one with the details you would like.

Two reasons:

I like to periodically hand each scout their own report with this information so they have a copy of their own accomplishments…

Historically I have kept copies of these reports and believe it or not while SB hasn’t been around very long it has dropped records so I have used these reports to identify what was missing.

I have tried using the Report Builder in SB. It does not offer the reporting that I am looking for. Very limited options.

@JeffreyBrandon - if the scouts are invited by parents they can see their progress themselves by logging in.

Stephen, I don’t mean to be rude but I would like the paper report. I understand the accessibility of SB and having scouts and/or parents review their progress. I’m very familiar with SB but SB is still in its infancy, is not very intuitive, reporting is horrible, and there are still problems within SB. I’m not here to debate what I should/shouldn’t be doing. If you can help me that’s great - I appreciate that. If not, then let’s move on.

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Another reason I am glad we are sticking with TroopMaster.

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What reason? It has a report that you want, or it doesn’t have the fussing that happens when people try to help others out? :man_shrugging:

Can you be more specific on what you want? Is it a report of all completed advancement awards, not requirements, for each scout, one Scout per page?

I would like to select multiple scouts for the Advancement History Report in Internet Advancement and have each scout’s information print on it’s own page. It is a summary report showing dates of each rank, each merit badge earned, and awards. I do not want to see individual requirements on the report. Currently when I select multiple scouts they get consolidated on a single report. I can produce the report for each scout but I have to do each scout individually (very time consuming - we have over 60 scouts in our unit). This was a report that was available on the old Internet Advancement system.

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So, in other words, what you want is the Individual Advancement Report, with the details stripped out.

I’m sure we can add that to the queue. In the meanwhile, you can use it, even though it’s got much more data than you’re used to providing to the Scouts. You may even find they like the greater detail in this report.

edit: referenced wrong report.

In the Scoutbook request forum, I would request the report you want. I would suggest 2 options for the developers to build on what they have:

Super Individual Advancement Report

The individual advancement report has the ranks, merit badges, and fits on one page, but has all of the requirements and no “extra” awards. So, I would word the request as this: make a “super” individual advancement report that has a second
page of awards earned beyond ranks and merit badges. It has the “extra” of requirements, but meets your other needs. If you were to print this “new” requested report on 2 sides, you would have 1 page per scout (front and back).

A “break page on each scout”

This report seems to be what you want, but you want each scout on one page. Add a checkbox to the “Recognition Report” configuration to break the page on each scout.


This feature request - Break Page For Each Scout - for the Internet Advancement’s Advancement History Report has been added to the report development queue.


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