Incorrect Name/Gender in Scoutbook

I’ve got a Scout and their mother who aren’t showing up right in Scoutbook. The scout is correct in our MyScouting roster however. We are part of Pack 226 in Crossroads of America Council.

What everything should be:
Scout: S., 14351983**
Parent: C., 14351973**

However in Scoutbook, Skyler is showing up as “Cin” and in MyScouting Cynthia is showing as Male and her last name is lowercase (the case isn’t a big deal, but since we’re fixing other stuff we might as well)

@BrandonDavis2 we would need the full BSA # to look at this and figure it out


For the Scout, go to Edit Profile and change the Scout’s preferred name or remove it.

For the parent, the registration is wrong, and we do not have the ability to change it. However, your local council should be able to fix it using their Registrar tools.
Parent’s BSA member number is: 14351973

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