Incorrect Positions listed in IA/can only see my Scout

Good afternoon,

Prior to a recent vacation, I could access the entire Troop roster but I currently can only see my own Scout as I’m only listed as a parent/guardian in IA. However, my positions in Scoutbook are all correct–Troop Admin and Unit Advancement Chair. My BSA ID is the same for each (137070276). Thanks in advance for any help.

Lisa Evans
San Antonio

have you clicked the top right corner dropdown and changed it to other position?

The only BSA registration that I see for you is as a Merit Badge Counselor, so that might be your issue.

Okay and thank you for checking. I wonder why that would have changed in the last 2 weeks.

It only gives me the parent/guardian option. We will do some checking with Council. Thank you!

Unit Advancement Chair is a functional role that expires every year, and needs to be granted by the unit Key 3. However, you need to be register as a Unit Committee Member as well.

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@LisaEvans1 - I would suggest talking with the unit key 3 as they would have either retained you or dropped you at recharter.

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