Service Hours Incorrect

We incorrectly entered service hours for cub scouts in 2019. It recorded 60 hours for each scout instead of one hour for 60 individuals. As they have moved into the troop is still showing extra hours but I do not have ability to delete it. I was the cub master when this was entered I am currently the scout master so should have access is there a way to delete this entry.

Also is there a way to edit past service hours. I am SM and pack CC so have all the access but cant edit back to 2019. This effect all scouts who were in the pack at that time

Not exactly.

You can set the Date Joined Scouts BSA to exclude camping from consideration for the OA eligiblity report. You can also set date limits on the activity log reports. However, certain awards apply information from more than one program, like the National Outdoor Award for Camping which includes camping for all BSA programs, not just Scouts BSA.


I think a current leader in the pack can modify the historical events.

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You can set the “Date Joined Scouts BSA” date in Internet Advancement. This would be the date the Scout joined the Scouts BSA program.

Date Joined Scouts BSA

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So can i edit the incorrectly entered service from 2019? I get the reporting filters but still wouod like the hours to be accurate.

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