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Indication that Merit Badge “requirement is scheduled to be completed at a troop event on…” not working

It appears that the functionality where Scoutbook indicates that a merit badge requirement is scheduled to be completed at an upcoming troop event is not working like it currently does for rank advancement requirements (shown below). As outings coordinator, I would like to enter merit badge university/college events in Scoutbook to make it easier for scouts to locate opportunities to earn their merit badges. Without this functionality, there is no good way to search for merit badge opportunities in Scoutbook. Thanks!


Not everyone sees these notes. Not sure if parents and Scouts do or not, cannot recall. I think currently only Admins do.

It’s a planning tool for admins, only.

Admins only see it, and it doesn’t link to anything else – you can’t put that in, take attendance, and then have it update the requirements automagically.

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