Event Advancement Requirements

I was playing with the “Planned Advancement” section when creating an event. I was making an event for our pack for the “4th of July Parade” and I wanted to add a couple requirements meet by being in a parade:

  • Bear “Paws for Action” requirement 4.b “Participate in a patriotic community parade or other civic event that honors our country.”
  • Wolf “Council Fire” requirement 7 “Participate in an event such as a parade or assembly celebrating military veterans.”)

However, I only see the old requirements listed for those adventures. Is there a way to use the new/current requirements when using the advancement option on an event? If not, is this one of the things planned when the calendar gets rewritten?

The planned advancement has not been updated with the 2016 Cub Scout adventure changes. We recommend the feature not be used.

In addition, the planned advancement does not work the way people expect. Only those with edit permission to the calendar can see the planned advancement as it only appears when editing the calendar entry. We recommend just putting the items being worked on in the note field so that everyone can see what is planned.

Updates to planned advancement are on the requested feature list. At this time we do not have a final feature list or schedule.

Thanks, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Also, I hadn’t even thought about people looking at the event to see what advancement was planned. I expected that it would check off that advancement for any scout marked as attending.

Our pack hasn’t started using it yet, we’ll be rolling it out this fall, so I’ll be using our summer activities as test runs. Thanks again!

The Planned Advancement feature was not designed to automatically check off advancement requirements, because Scouts sometimes arrive late, leave early, don’t participate for one reason or another, and also because some requirements take more than one meeting to complete.

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