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Marking Attendance for Events and Tracking Advancement

I used the Planned Advancement feature when adding an event to the Pack’s calendar. I have now marked those individuals who attended the event with the Attendance feature. However, for those scouts that attended, the corresponding advancements were not marked as completed. Do I need to go into each individual scout’s record and mark the advancements that were completed at the event?

Short answer is yes.

Sometimes this is easier to do with Quick Entry for lots of scouts, then edit individual scouts as needed.

Now for a long answer and Feature Assistant Extension details.

The planned advancement feature is useful only for the planner to see what they have planned. As part of the calendar, it can only be seen when someone opens the event to edit it.

As an aside, I believe parents looking through their scouts advancement details can see when something is planned.

If you use the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome, it can pre-populate Quick Entry with scouts and advancement items, which you may then edit before posting to the scouts accounts.

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