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Individual Advancement Record Viewer on my.Scouting Tools?

Since Scoutbook now has the official advancement database. Adding a Scoutbook individual report viewing and downloading tool to my.Scouting tools for Scouting adult alumni to use would be a nice service. Access could be controlled by the BSA Id(s) associated with the individual’s my.Scouting account.

What is the BSA retention requirement for advancement records?

How long does Scoutbook keep advancement data in the database after a Scout leaves a unit?

I realize that the first answer may be this is a low priority because Scoutbook service to youth comes first. However this might be something Scoutbook or the IA 2.0 developers might be will to do as a benefit for NESA and the BSA National Alumni Association, and funds development.

This type of tool could also have a version that allows Lone Scouting Scouts and the Lone Cub Scout Friend and Counselor to access advancement data entered by councils.

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