Scoutbook Advancement Records for Scout No Longer Available

We moved between states and my son had to change Troops this year. His last meeting with the old Troop was back in July and we just found a new Troop to join last month. We have not been able to transfer him to the new troop and council yet, but that is in progress. Hopefully done in the next couple of weeks along with the new Troop’s recharter (the old Troop rechartered without him in August)

My son’s advancement for Rank and MBs was visible in Scoutbook two weeks ago but no longer. SB simply has his profile info and that’s about it. I can’t generate any reports for him nor see any of his completed rank reqs or MB reqs. Is his advancement info lost? Or will it be restored once he gets registered with the new Troop?

Advancement is membership dependent, without any memberships to say which advancement a scout is eligible to earn, no advancement is visible. It should become visible again once a membership is added.

I thought that the individual advancement report could still be pulled, even without an active membership. Am I mistaken?

This is correct. The history reports can be produced by knowing the BSA Member ID and last name of the Scout. The links are on the Reports menu.

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