Individual Advancement Records Incorrect

I have noticed that the individual advancement records are not pulling the complete records for the scouts. It seems to be related to the different versions of ranks and how they were entered. For example I have a scout that the report shows Tenderfoot V2016 however if I go to the scout in scoutbook it wants me to enter requirements for 2022. I also have another scout that the report printed with v2022 but I see requirements entered under v2016 and those are not showing on the report even though they were entered months ago. When I go into scoutbook it automatically wants me to enter at the v2022 which seems to have caused the issue…I am really at a loss here on how to resolve this issue.

@JanneneUglean I would not use those reports - the History report is much better and more complete

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Do the history reports work for me to hand out to the scouts to make sure they have reported everything in their books to me?

Where do I find this report so that I can review if it would work?

yes in a much cleaner format - I would make sure all scouts had accounts so they can do the work instead

Where is the report found?

Under Reports menu, either Troop, Sub-unit, or scout

So are you stating that I would need to build a report using the report build designer tool? I don’t see a specific history report.

I need an individual advancement report that I can print for my 40 scouts to make sure advancement is getting entered for them. The parents are not using scoutbook, the scout doesn’t use scoutbook plus our unit would prefer to enter the advancement information to confirm the requirement was completed. The individual advancement record report exist in multiple places within scoutbook how can i make this work?


The Scouts BSA History Report is on the Scout’s report menu.

Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 1.29.48 PM

It is built into the Scouts Profile Reports and Patrol Reports

ok so i found it on a scout i see the issue with and I ran the report and it did not resolve the issue.

sorry I choose individual advancement so disregard.
However I did just use the Scouts BSA History report which still did not resolve the issue.

I guess I am seeing where I need to fix this. I need to review each scout and ANYONE that may have requirements entered for v2022 needs to be deleted and entered into v2016. It would be nice if it didn’t default to the latest version as most of these scouts have older books.

@JanneneUglean - the scouts should be working on the current requirements per the guide to advancement


As of Jan 1, 2023 all Scout MUST be on the latest version of each rank regardless of what version of handbook they have.

The ONLY exception to being on a current version is for Merit Badges. Scouts may continue working on the version of the Merit Badge that they started on. Any Scout stating a new Merit Badge must be on the current version.


The book does not matter - that is an old myth - All Scouts should be working 2022 Rank Requirements

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Ok fine but can scoutbook pull it all together and show the report that way so I give out accurate information?

Also going into each individual scout record then choosing the report for their history adds much more time to print 40 reports.

It’s not clear what you’re looking for Scoutbook developers to do. The requirements are not all the same between older and current requirements, so they can’t just be shown in the same place or automatically “credited” to the most-current requirements. In principle, the completions need to be moved (individually) to the new rank requirements by the unit adult leaders responsible for approving advancement.

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ok so i have a specific scout to review that we can discuss this issue further. Due to confidentially I do not want to share his name a forum so if someone can reach out to me we can discuss the issue further.

“On January 1, 2023, all Scouts must use only the new [2022] requirements.”

You can get new signature pages at the following link (2022 rank requirements are on the left | older rank requirements are on the right):

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