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Inputting rank advancements in Scoutbook

It can really help your PLC with planning activities if they know which requirements Scouts need / have already completed.

We allow Scouts (parents for first years) to enter completions as they would do in their Handbook. It shows up in Scoutbook as a green check and the requirement pops up on our Needs Approval Report. When the Scout is then tested on the material, an approved leader approves the item and the check turns blue. A Scout in our unit can also enter an explanatory note, video, or photo when they check completed and in many cases that will be sufficient for the authorized leader to approve the item without having to have a face to face with the Scout on a particular requirement - saves a LOT of meeting time! When all requirements are marked “APPROVED”, national records are updated. And finally, when a Scout receives the rank patch (conclusion of board of review) or merit badge (quarterly court of honor), our Awards Chair clicks “Awarded”.

I hope this helps!

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@RobertAcker AWARDED has nothing to do with Council - APPROVE adds the data to the National system

Donovan is, of course, 100% correct - will correct my original post and not try to type again with my eyes dilated from the Ophthalmologist! :slight_smile:

I am the Advancement Coordinator for my son’s troop and our newly formed female troop. Personally I prefer to enter the individual requirements for advancement and merit badges, but I am rarely given that information before the rank/MB is completed.

Like you, I like to see the progress. And if the committee is going to ask me what requirements for xxx are still outstanding , it’d sure help if they (the MBCs and/or the youth) shared that information with me. It also helps to guide the troop to provide the opportunity to fulfill those requirements. Gently nudging them by letting them know that xx number of youth only need the cooking requirement for Second Class. :slight_smile:

How do I do use same dates for multiple requirement sign off.

Hi, @LeonDemers,

There are a couple of approaches for leaders. You can copy-and-paste the date, and enter the requirements one at a time. This method will also work for parents & scouts. More efficiently, at least for me, is to use the Quick Entry tool:

My Dashboard -> My Units -> (scroll down) Quick Entry

You can enter multiple rank requirements, MB completions, awards, etc. I also have the Feature Assistant Extension installed, so there are a couple of additional quick-entry fields (I believe) that aren’t available without it.

Thank you for your help.

Did this feature go away? My positions are Scoutmaster and Troop Admin and the Quick Entry is no longer available in my list. I get Send Message, then Export/Backup. I used to have the same list as above.

It sounds like you have 2 Scoutbook accounts. Are you logging in with your ID and password? I recommend sending an e-mail to with your name, BSA member ID, e-mail address and ID, council and unit. Ask them to search for and merge any duplicate IDs they find.

I login with the same account that I have been using for several months. I have other admin rights and options that I would not expect others to have, like permission setting and such. When looking at my profile in this account, it says I am Troop Admin and Scoutmaster. I will email them, though.

Thank you

Looks like it is a real issue. I received a reply from support. It looks like it is an open issue at the moment.

"Thank you for contacting Scoutbook! I’m happy to assist you. A patch was released yesterday in Scoutbook that was suppose to fix parents from being able to see the quick entry option. It seems as if it somehow removed quick entry from admins as well for Troops. I am escalating this ticket to our admin development team for further investigation. We do apologize for the inconvenience. "

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