Instructions for councils to delete bad connections

Hi there,
Are there instructions for how to clear a bad connection (same named person with SB profile connected as parent by mistake to a child). Local council is confused and says Pack admins should be able to do this via Scoutbook, but my experience is you can only delete your own parent connections (the old workarounds no longer seem to work)… Have reached out to the “wrong” connection but just want to have the instructions available for our contact at council.

Appreciate any help on this topic.


Councils can use the VST (Volunteer Support Tool) to clear bad parent connections @AndrewBurns

You are correct that this can only be done by the erroneously connected individual or by council, not by unit-level personnel (irrespective of their admin status).

Have mentioned volunteer support tools to our council rep but they still seemed confused. Is there any documentation or a quick reference for this process I can point them to?

@AndrewBurns YOUR COUNCIL HAS 37 USERS AUTHORIZED TO USE THE TOOL - more than I have ever seen - it is in the mybsa interface for them

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