Interesting interface in my.scouting for Scout who registered post recharter

I noticed this today. I don’t know if it is for all Scouts/Scouters who pre-paid the next year or only those post recharter. Interesting none the less, at least to me.

There is a little green R next to their name saying they renewed their registration for the next charter year.

It is for all persons who paid for next year. I had a Scout and a Scouter sign up after 11/1, and both had the green R, because they were charged 2022 fees at the time of registration.

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Just to be clear, that was prior to recharter?

Yes. They showed up that way prior to recharter.

Online applications in the last 3 months of the prior year will collect for the next year as well as the prorated remainder of the given year and show that way.

Yes, I just didn’t know there was a way of telling who had “prepaid”. Last year I found out that even if you multiple in the last 3 months you have to prepay. Normally this would be no cost, but they have you prepay the next year.

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