Recharter with a large number of new scouts

The council threw a recruiting event and we got a bunch of new scouts.
That’s great!

What’s not great is they did this in December, when our Pack breaks for Christmas break mid-December. That means we only met some of these families only once, if at all.

They also only collected pro-rated 2022, and the new scout fee. So we still owe $141 for each of these 11 scouts, again some of who I haven’t even been able to get to return a call or email.

I have no idea if these scouts will actually show up in January. I hope they do and I can get them to pay 2023 then, but we’re going to have to front money out of our budget to register them when we are barely able to balance our budget already and if they don’t show up, we have no way to recover it.

Our recharter was due yesterday, and I don’t know what to do.

Is there a mechanism to defer renewal to some scouts without dropping them, ask for an extension for our recharter, or some other creative mechanism to deal with this?

Well I believe there is a built in 60 day buffer, but talk to council on your concerns. I am surprised they COULD register without paying the 2023, are you sure they did it that way? Post a BSA number of a new scout and we can look.

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Example: 14822887 - I’m fairly certain they collected 2022 pro-rated, new scout fee, and a paper application and delivered them to the office.

online recharter has them listed as owing $141, where any scouts we’ve had apply online in the last several months are $0.

I know if you apply online it charges 2023 as well now (that caught one parent off guard earlier this year when the cutover happened in between them registering two scouts).

Yeah in my book your council just made a huge mistake and will lose alot of those scouts


Thankfully before they were recruited they reached out to me for a FAQ, they made it very clear that that end of year recharter was an expected fee. The ones I had made contact with, none of them were surprised by that.

So I think this is more of a timing issue (with the holidays, etc) and just how some people are not great at reading emails in a speedy fashion. I’d wager that most of these families would pay, if I knew they got my messages.

I only wish they had just collected it at the time rather than putting the responsibility on us now.

Oh well, I have feelers out to as many people in my council who are in positions to help me with this. Now I just need them to reply to me, otherwise I’m just going to have these families re-register in January, and fight to have the council re-imburse us the $25 new scout fee.

@AnthonyBilzi I would recommend starting by contacting your District Executive and work your way up.

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You have BSA #s they would not be new scouts

They won’t be charged the $25 again if registered under the same member number.

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At $141, I wouldn’t recharter a single one of those scouts without money in hand (promise to pay isn’t good enough), much less 11 of them. It’s not fair to our other members to potentially have to subsidize them. I agree that you need to talk to your DE, but be firm on not paying anything you have been paid for.


Council should have charged $180 (or whatever) then the next round at $150 it feels like a win for families