Internet Adv 2.0 Import from Troopmaster Web 2.0 - Pending?

I just performed my first import from Troopmaster Web 2.0 to Internet Advancement 2.0. (I did it all the time with the old IA which is no longer available) I used the text file exported from TM. Under Activity, the import is still showing a status of Pending. How long does an import take? Should it be fairly quick? The import only had a single rank advancement for one Scout. I could do it manually, but wanted to try the import before I have to enter multiples. It has been 15 or 20 minutes. I have refreshed the page, etc. Status is still Pending. I do not see any obvious next steps other than wait.

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I may have found an answer. I cancelled the first import after noticing that I did not have a middle initial in Troopmaster, but when I ran a roster most of the Scouts have middle initials. So I added a middle initial to the Scout and reran the export. I don’t know if the missing middle name/initial would have caused a problem or not, as I never had a problem importing the CSV files in IA1. But when I imported the new text file, I noticed the screen said “Files are processed each night.”. So apparently they batch process imported files at night rather than processing them right away. So it looks like I need to wait until the next day to verify my import worked.

I just found the same issue - uploaded the advancement file from TroopMaster Web 2.0 and it’s pending. How is this an improvement? With the old system it was immediate - I could upload the file, run an Internet Advancement report and take it to my local scout shop. Now I have to wait overnight?? I’m just taking the TroopMaster report to the store and hoping I can buy advancements with that, waiting overnight to process a simple text file is insane.


@JeffreyScott6 - from the help page:
You will be prompted to upload your file. If your file fails to process, contact your 3rd party vendor. Files are processed hourly and will remain in a “Pending” state on your “Activity” tab until processing successfully completes.

Yes - it is not an instant process - all files are queued and processed once an hour

You upload - wait for it to process - come back and get Advancement Report

OK, the pop-up message about overnight processing was incorrect, it did process while I was at the scout shop. Hourly processing is obviously much better than overnight, but still a step down from the old system when they processed immediately. I’d be interested to hear the justification for the “queue and hourly process” system, as opposed to just processing the tiny file when it’s uploaded - reminds me of the days when we’d give our stack of punch cards to the guys in white coats, then come back later for our output. :wink:

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@JeffreyScott6 - best explanation is that the prior internet advancement wrote to scoutnet(which is in the midst of buying a retirement condo) and then to scoutbook DB. Now fast forward to the Scoutbook DB being of record and you now have scoutbook units and those who use other tools. The best option is for dynamic first then static second. So those on other systems queue behind the active users.

I tried to upload the TXT file from TroopMaster 2.0 to the new Internet Advancement page and keep getting an error that “Something went wrong. Try again.” When I go to view the single error, the page is blank. I am dead in the water and cannot submit. I sent the file and error to the creators of TroopMaster yesterday and have not heard back yet. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have any suggestions. They would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Randall - I would gather that the file uploads in the old IA worked ? It is a rather nebulous error message. If you look at the roster in IA2 and troopmaster do they match point for point ?

Hi @RandallThomas I recently moved our Troop from TM to TMWeb and am getting the same errors when trying to do imports. Under the old IA system, everything imported fine. No complaints, other than the process was clunky. But as soon as I tried my first import with IA 2.0 (for an Eagle’s palm, no less) a week ago, I get the vague “Something went wrong. Try again” you are getting, with no additional help.

I first called support at BSA, which was worthless. She told me to rename the TXT file to the old advancement name structure used with IA 1. However, when I attempted to import that, I received “File wrong type” error. She then said, 'You need to contact Troopmaster."

I contacted TM. They reported that they have gotten this same comment from other units. They are trying to work with BSA to get it resolved. Please reach out to TM if you haven’t already! The more people who complain, the better chance we have at a resolution. TM can say “We’ve got another unit with this problem.” (I’m a former software tester…)

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