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Scoutbook Upload Processing

Once we upload a file of awards and advancements from third party vendor software, how long should it take for it to be processed from Scoutbook to Internet Advancement 2.0? It has been nearly 24 hours since I uploaded a file. I tried it once before as a test with a single merit badge and it took 5 minutes.

So you uploaded to Internet Advancement 2 - at Scoutbook.scouting.org?

Yes. It is taking a very long time, so I’m not sure what is going on.

@DeniseLewis I am going to send you a direct message - look for it in top right corner on you avatar

Having the same problem. Tried to upload last night, still pending in the morning (8hours). cancelled, and tried again. Finally approved late afternoon (probably another 8 hours)

Did you get any answers??? I uploaded 2 more files yesterday afternoon and they are still Pending overnight.

Yes, I’ve gotten some direct help from the moderators. Not sure why things are taking a long time, but I’m uploading files from third party software. When it did finally upload, a day later, I had one problem with a scouts name not being exactly the same in my software vs. Scoutbook/IA 2.0.

I have a Court of Honor coming up this Sunday, so what I will do is enter ranks by hand into Scoutbook/IA 2.0 to generate a shopping list (hopefully) to avoid delays in uploading.

I still have trouble seeing the approved awards that will allow me to have a choice to add them to an open purchase order from which I would then generate the report for the scout shop.

This is my first time uploading in this manner since the change last May/June when Internet Advancement 1.0 went away.


Once your import in processed just click the REPORTS option on the grey left side - you should she advancement report there for scout shop

OK. So that report will work as well. I printed one yesterday. I think there is a different option for scout shop reports when things are entered directly. I do have an open purchase order #313316 that I see when I select the Needs Purchasing option at the bottom of the Scoutbook roster. I had thought that I could add the uploaded awards that we just did to that one. No matter, I will just take both reports with me to the shop. Thank you for your help.


Denise it seems like you are using Scoutbook AND IA - that is not advised

Yes, only to avoid the delay in the upload in a pinch. Our scout shop is particular especially about purchasing rank awards. I can see now that the upload I do is for IA 2.0, and the manual option to use Scoutbook will be confusing for our trainees. I’m developing training material for them as it applies to our troop. We would need to reconcile entries in the systems. We always do a thorough review for our eagle candidates and I have done many advancement reports for them.

I can continue to upload from TroopMaster, but was hoping to avoid delays, just this time.

I guess as lessons learned, we should do uploads periodically prior to a Court of Honor, perhaps at least once a month and the print outs from each of those uploads can be printed for the store. We have a Court of Honor in fall, in February coinciding with Scout Sunday and the BSA birthday, and again in spring.

The former way our troop would operate would be to have a one week separation between the Board of Review and the COH and all of the uploading (to IA 1.0) and purchasing would occur in that week. This is not possible now with the new systems in place, plus our troop is larger, we are having more meetings, and there is more advancement. This is all good, but it strains the resources, human and automated (!).


You can manually input into IA, also.

Will try that. Even more direct, in a pinch. Thanks. -Denise

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