Internet Advancement file upload in pending status for over 12 hours

I uploaded a file last night for advancement in Advancement 2.0 and it has been pending for over 12 hours. I see that maintenance is in progress, but why is the file still in pending status?

we are checking on this

Thank you appreciate your help

I also have this issue. I tried to upload a file last night, and this morning it was still pending, so I cancelled it and uploaded the file again. It is still pending since about 8am. Thank you for looking into it.

Same issue here. Stuck for about 24 hours. I deleted and uploaded again. Still stuck in pending. As a side note, I just found out that our recharter hasn’t been updated for 2021 due to a missing signature and my key3 date expired at the end of December. Could that have something to do with the pending status?

My BSA ID is 9694608.


Just checking in on the status of this, it’s 5:40pm and it’s still pending. We have AOL scouts bridging this weekend and need to get to the scout store to get the AOL badges and cards - which they won’t let me have without the advancement report. Thank you!

Files still pending. I cancelled original file this morning and resubmitted but file still pending. This happened when a db update was donelate last yr.

The system is down and developers are looking into issue - no ETA

Any update? Our uploads are still pending as well. Thank you.

Last we heard BSA IT is still investigating.

this should be resolved in the next 12 hours

@AileenMiller We expect this issue to be revolved within the next 12 hours or so. But if you need to purchase advancement items from the Scout shop sooner than that, then consider entering the rank and adventure pins for your AOL Scouts manually using Internet Advancement or Scoutbook.

Thank you! My husband reached out to the scout shop and they are working with us.

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We’ve been told they have all processed now.

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There is still a problem. We still have a file that has been pending for over 12 hours.


Please post your unit type/number and council.

Occoneechee Council (421), Troop 224.

Thanks for your help

I am having the same problem. Troop 851, GLAAC.

@TimothyMalone1 @NgaNguyen - and anyone else - if you are having this issue still please post the BSA # of the user seeing the pending

My BSA 12750593. I am uploading to Troop 851 GLAAC’s records.