Internet Advancement Activity Errors

Help! I have a event on Internet Advancement with seven Scouts listed as participants. When I added the event from scratch, I added 10 Scouts and only seven were saved. When I try to edit the event to add new Scouts, I receive a generic error. Eventually it asks if I want to go to offline mode which does not help. I have attempted this over the last 3 days while logging out and back in. This is a huge bug as it has happened before in the past although previously it ‘fixed itself’ after a day. Please help.

Having the same problem. I cannot add Scouts to an event after I initially create it. While I usually know the names of everyone who goes on a hike or camping trip at the time I create the event, for about half the service projects, the Scouts turn in their hours days, weeks and even months after they did them.

I just tried to add another event (duplicate to the original) so I could get the Scouts added… can’t even add the new event. Twenty years in IT and Scoutbook is going to make me go back to using Excel for advancement.

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Basically, you have to have the event in real life and know who went. Then go in, create event, name it, add people, and save.

It seems as though they only tested that linear process vs any other order of action.

Yeah, I did this and only 7 of 10 were added. I can’t even add another event now.

Same issue here. More information for any developers who may see this. Behind the scenes error appears to be related to bad JSON. Good luck.

{“errorCode”:“M400”,“message”:“Bad Request”,“errorDesc”:“Error validating JSON. Error: - Expected min items 1\n- Expected min items 1 (org.mule.module.apikit.exception.BadRequestException)”}

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Same problem for us. we have been trying for two weeks with no resolution

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@KevinFields - we are all hitting the same database and it appears that the api’s are not feeling well. So there will be no exemptions from the issue.

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