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Internet Advancement - Edit Activity Error

I have an activity that was added for a scout’s Eagle project. I’m trying to enter the scouts and hours using the advanced tab, and when I click ‘Edit and Finish’ I get the following error:
Error validating JSON. Error - Invalid type Null, expected integer for userid (org.mule.module.apkit.exception.BadRequestException

The record won’t save at all - need the error fixed.

2 things on this

  1. send email with info to Scoutbook.support@scouting.org
  2. The Official place to record Eagle projects is still servicehours.Scouting.org

I’ll send the info as directed.
Scoutbook/IA also need service hours because they get applied to all the scouts that need it.

yeah during development it was pointed out that for a period of time there would be double entry and count for EP because of that