Internet Advancement Adventure Electives

Can’t enter elective adventures for Cubs. Has BSA stopped recording electives?
Scoutbook Doesn’t seem to offer them either. What am I doing wrong?

Are the scouts assigned to a den in Scoutbook? I’m assuming yes, since you presumably previously entered required adventures. However, that’s usually the source of problems with entering adventures.

No, it should still support the elective adventures. Could you clarify Whether you are using Scoutbook or Internet Advancement? What URL do you use? What do you click?

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I am using Internet Advancement. I select a youth, pull down Record Progress, Record Advancement, filled in date and select adventure then the whole screen resets to the roster. If I start again from the roster I do not even get the drop down for advancement.
Thank you

I am having the same issue when trying to enter advancements.

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