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Internet Advancement Allow Activity for Multiple Units

Our cub scout units commonly pick up trash while on a hike. To enter this data for both our boys and girls combined hikes, it requires 4 entries and very time consuming. This data is important to the unit, districts, councils, and national JTE metrics. The easier it is for units to enter this data the more we get.

  • Please allow ability to create event for multiple units at same time
  • Please allow ability to create activity categorized as multiple types like hike and service project

Heck just move this out of internet advancement and use scoutbook where units are using calendaring option so they don’t have to log activity again to track these metrics. Scoutbook already allows for toggles for hiking and service projects on each event.

The BSA has previously stated that it will not provide a way to manage multiple units simultaneously in Scoutbook or Internet Advancement. Units are unique entities which will continue to be managed independently.

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Not really the point of your post, but I want to understand. You have separate Cub Scout packs for boys and girls that are chartered by the same org and do a lot of activities together? Why not just have a single family pack?

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We have previously asked for this part. I’m not sure whether they will agree to it or not.