Internet Advancement and Scoutbook have never been updated

How long does it take for a new charter to be reflected in Internet Advancement and Scoutbook? It’s been over 2 months, and none of the changes in our charter are in either system.
All of the features are useless to us.

Sorry, it’s very hard not to have an attitude. There are so many issues with these systems.


What specific issues are you having?

Is your recharter showing up as current in If you’re a Key 3 (CM/SM,CC,COR) or Key 3 Delegate, you can check the Organization Manager and download the Charter Certificate. If it’s not current there (i.e. charter expiration date is in the past), then the first stop is your registrar to figure out what the status is.

The charter was accepted months ago. It is current. I have the charter cert. Neither Internet Advancement nor Scoutbook has been updated to reflect the charter.
In fact, they do not even match.


Is your roster at correct? I see you are registered with both a troop and pack. Is the problem with both or just one? If just one, which one is it?

That’s the issue. The roster that appears everywhere except the charter is not correct.

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Where are you getting the charter certificate?

Which unit is having the issue?

If the roster in is incorrect then you will need to work with your registrar to get it fixed. This is not an issue with Scoutbook or Internet Advancement. Once your roster in is correct, the updates will be pushed to Scoutbook.

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We did the internet recharter, the charter was accepted, signed, and we downloaded a copy.
None of this is reflected in My Scouting, Internet Advancement, and Scoutbook. The payments have all been made. That worked just fine!

Yes, it certainly is an issue with all of these systems. We cannot use any of them at this point. A trouble ticket has been open with National for almost 2 weeks.

On My Scouting, there are registered leaders and scouts who do not appear
Internet Advancement is also incomplete, although the missing scouts and leaders are different from the roster on My Scouting.
Scoutbook’s roster contains leaders and scouts who were dropped off the charter, and contains some, but not all, who have been added.

We are now into March. The parents cannot use the system, their kid isn’t listed. The leaders cannot enter advancement, either the kids or the leaders themselves do not exist in the systems.

As someone who has designed and developed computer systems for almost 30 years, the manner in which these work (or fail to work!) is unbelievable.


Internet Advancement and Scoutbook are updated from the official roster at Since your roster at is incorrect, IA and SB will be incorrect.

The root cause of the problem does not lie with IA or SB. Something failed with your recharter because your official roster was not updated.

If you can get us the ticket number, I can look it up.

To download a charter certificate if you are a key 3, go to > menu > unit number > organization manager. Near the top right is download charter certificate. That has an expiration date on it. I assume that’s expired.

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There is a big step after this that requires the council to process. That can take 2 months or more. So while your steps are done, your charter may not. Follow the steps in the previous post to confirm your charter pdf is actually new. There is a very good chance it is not.

The charter is expired.
Your contention is that it can take 2 months or more further proves my contention that these systems are in serious need of attention.
We are being required to use these systems to manage our units, and they simply do not work.
At most, someone at our local council should simply have some sort of approval process when internet rechartering occurs.
The fact that there are at least 3 separate systems that contain the same information, as well as requiring a significant amount of human intervention, is ludicrous.
Computer programs should make less work, not more.
Seriously, things worked way better when it was all paper.
None of these systems have made anything easier.

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@MichaelJohn - the recharter process has always taken time. I can recall about 9 years ago it was not until May that my units were finally completed. The process is in the hands of the registrar to complete. If there are submissions with issues or attachments then that takes more time.

That’s acceptable? We are supposed to just say Ok?
If the systems my company markets and sells worked in this manner, we would have been out of business.
But because it’s Scouts, we are supposed to just accept it?

It’s funny, the part where the payments are accepted works just fine.


@MichaelJohn - what you are failing to see is the human being processing the charter submission for all units in the council. It has nothing to do with software or applications.

It is the human side and how your local council chooses to staff. Our charter had all no new documents connected and we paid by auto check. It took 3 days and was done. The main system for recharter was just replaced and this was the first time it was used. So, that is seeing attention and why ours could be done in 3 days.

This was tons better than the old and better than paper.

Is the company you work for a non-profit? Is it in bankruptcy? I assume not.

Having systems that work well is more critical to a non-profit. Increasing revenue is typically far more difficult for a non-profit than reducing expenditures.
As far as your argument regarding bankruptcy, these systems are actively being worked on and supported. If that is not possible because no resources exist, then remove the requirement that we use them. Simplify the functionality and make the basics work well.
We cannot enter advancement, so we cannot purchase badges, etc. We cannot register scouts for summer camp. We cannot add new leaders.


@MichaelJohn - let me repeat… the recharter is in the hands of the council registrar and that involves your unit as well as ALL of the others… The human and time factor is what is at play here.

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As others have asked, but I think is important: have you contacted your council and more specifically the registrar?

It may be that the bottleneck is at that point in which case there’s nothing anyone here can do.

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