There is a glitch in our recharter and we had different rosters showing different number of scouts

There is a glitch in the BSA matrix of interaction between internet recharter,
internet advancement, my.scouting roster, and scoutbook. You would think after recharter at least the really important ones, my.scouting roster and internet advancement would match but they did not.

We rechartered 29 scouts showing on our internet recharter pdf roster of changes. effective Aug 1st. I had knee surgery so did not check posted roster until this week.

our my.scouting roster I logged in to check and it showed 30 scouts. for some reason one scout was listed that was dropped at recharter.

our internet advancement roster it showed 34 scouts, the 1 extra scout plus 4 aged out 18 year old Eagle scouts.

Anyways reported to my council registrar who ended the membership of the 1 extra scout, but she didn’t see the 4 aged out eagles.
She waited 24 hours for her roster and internet advancement roster to sync and then asked bsa. They are saying we need to use scoutbook to end all connections to the aged out dropped at recharter scouts and then click to end their membership. even though everyone else that we dropped at recharter were automatically ended membership when recharter posted.

I thought maybe it was just scoutbook and int adv a new process added thinking we needed to keep 18 year olds on the roster to add late eagle bor or some other advancement that occurs right at 18 years of age. but Interestingly enough a couple other Eagles that didn’t recharter at least 1 of which is now 18- they were dropped like normal in the recharter process.

I will end them in scoutbook and see if that fixes internet advancement since they aren’t on our my.scouting roster and see if that fixes it.
but it’s something developers might want to poke around in to see why scoutbook is overriding internet recharter only for a few scouts not all scouts that we dropped

If you are in Grand Canyon Council, Please contact Kathy again, if there are still have issues, ask her to reach out to Bill.

Bill I started with Kathy.
She removed the one scout.
And asked bsa and they sent the info about scoutbook to try to fix it.

Amy Heilman troop 90

I sent you a direct message. Click on your icon and the envelope

Ended the scouts membership in scoutbook and they disappeared off of internet advancement roster. It’s been 2 days and seems everywhere shows the correct 29 scouts now.
but I didn’t think scoutbook memberships could override internet advancement pulling roster from myscouting roster

It has been said many times that IA and SB share the same database. So, I assume that explains the behavior you have seen.

The thing is that Recharter process ended memberships in scoutbook and internet advancement for most of the scouts that were not rechartered
But 5 of them it did not for some random reason. If it was everyone and I had to manage them in scoutbook every time, that would be one thing, but that’s not what happened. The roster on myscouting is supposed to be the official roster of who we can enter advancemeent for in internet advancement. Scoutbook roster often includes scouts that aren’t actually registered with your troop in mysouting,
Usually if they aren’t on your myscouting roster, you can’t really enter advancement for them. It makes sense that they shouldn’t show up to enter advancement for them in internet advancement.
The work flow has some convoluted relationships as to which roster is the actual official roster.

Have you confirmed that those five were dropped from your my.scouting roster?

I agree that it’s odd that they don’t all have the same behavior.

Yes, we had one scout that was not dropped from my.scouting roster like they should have been, but he was dropped at recharter so they were dropped manually by our council registrar when I brought the discrepancy to her attention.

4 scouts other were dropped on recharter, were dropped also from the my.scouting roster.
Registrar did not see them on our troop but did see them on our internet advancement roster.
Every other scouts dropped at recharter (about 20 total, 5 acted wonky) were also dropped automatically everywhere includingin scoutbook roster.

After registrar dropped the 1 scout manually- in 24 hours he dropped off scoutbook and internet advancement roster.
Registrar thought that maybe in that 24 hour new sync the other 4 aged out eagles would be dropped that were not rechartered, but no.
I ended their membership in scoutbook and now they are off internet advancement too. Finally 29 scout in all place you can see a roster.

But why were 5 scouts wonky and 15 scouts dropped without issue? There has to be a reason lol.

Can you provide the bsa member numbers (no names) of an example of each?

I think I grabbed these names and bsa ID numbers correctly. I had knee surgery so I’m on my phone tonight.

This one worked right- CB. 124886247
aged out eagle was dropped at troop recharter and dropped in my scouting roster, int advancement and scoutbook all three rosters.

This aged out eagle OG. 136360043 was dropped at troop recharter and dropped in my scouting roster
But not dropped out of int advancement or scoutbook until I ended his membership in scoutbook.

This scout CJ. 13840897 was dropped at recharter but not dropped off any roster until council registrar manually ended his membership.


I noticed that the one who did not drop from SB only turned 18 a few months before recharter. I’m inquiring whether there’s an extra grace period in that situation for completing Eagle paperwork. Are the others who didn’t drop similarly aged?

There is a possibility that it’s some kind of new grace period that units have to enter advancement for scouts that age out near recharter time.
If so advancement chairs should probably know about it.
And is it just for eagles or life scouts earning eagle or others?

Most have birthdays in the 3 months before our recharter Aug 1st
Some earned their eagles a year prior so any added advancement could be a palm at the last minute.

I’ve inquired with the developers exactly what the rules are. I’ll let you know when I hear back.